Transfer Equivalency Tools

Arcadia University's academic departments have previously determined some equivalency between content taught at other schools and Arcadia's departmental courses. These equivalencies can be easily reviewed using the following tools.

Search by School

Use this tool to find out how courses from another academic institution have transferred to Arcadia University in the past.

Search By School

Examples of how to use this tool:

"I am a prospective transfer student. What courses have previously transferred to Arcadia from my home institution?" - Summer Milano-Verne

"I am an Arcadia student. What schools abroad have the courses I need?" - William Nickel

Search by Arcadia Course

Use this tool to find established equivalencies to Arcadia courses which are taught by other institutions.

Search By Course

Examples of how to use this tool:

"I am a current student that would like to take a class closer to home over the summer. Where can I go to take this class?" - Richard Harris

"I need to take Biology 101 abroad. What schools offer this course?" - Victoria Kamaz


The tools provided on this website are intended as a reference. They do not represent all institutions or all courses, and may not accurately reflect the current state of course equivalencies at Arcadia University. The University reserves the right to change course equivalencies at any time. You must apply and submit your official transcript(s) of coursework completed before a final determination of course equivalencies or transfer credits can be made.